World Water Crisis.


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The brief.

World Water Crisis is an existing charitable foundation that works within local communities to bring clean drinking and irrigation water to vulnerable regions across the globe. Gaining their funding mainly through corporate sponsorship, the time was felt for this growing venture to have a newer, bolder and digitally-focused face. This new look would be used to engage with the public and both highlight this global human and ecological crisis and also increase funding through donations and sponsorship.

What we did.

Bold and attractive with instant impact, the new logo is flexible enough to work in any location and marketing application. Iconic in style, and with the website URL embedded in the name, this is a logo and brand to cross borders and cultures. The colours and gradients were created to inspire the feeling of freshness and natural purity and the linked w’s to create playful waves.

Ease of navigation and clarity of messages and critical information are paramount for the website, both in terms of user accessibility and driving donations. The layouts were chosen not to overload the user but instead to create obvious calls-to-action and ensure they can easily find further information as required.