Shaun Rankin.


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Shaun Rankin is a reknowned and published Michelin-starred chef who has successfully run a number of prestigious restaurants throughout Jersey and, laterly, new ventures in the UK. Since 2006, he has appeared on a number of television programmes – The Great British Menu, Saturday Kitchen, MasterChef (in the roles of mentor and judge), Meet What You Eat and, in 2010, his own programme, Shaun Rankin’s Island Feast, which was accompanied by his cookbook, Seasoned Islands.

In 2010, it was decided that Shaun’s porfolio of work and rising profile required him to have his own brand which would be used to help identify his work as it diversified across television, books, editorial and online. It was at this time The Refinery’s long-standing relationship with Shaun began, by creating the ‘SR’ logo and brand, art directing and publishing his book, giving him effective online platforms and presence and adding creative assistance to his many side projects.

This relationship has adapted and changed as Shaun’s career has grown, ensuring that his brand is working as effectively and consistently as possible with every new venture.