Project Rainforest.


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The brief.

Project Rainforest is new and globally important enterprise where individuals and businesses can purchase endangered Amazonian rainforest in order to protect it but also the rare animals who depend on it for survivial. The organisation required a global brand centred around a website hub to engage, educate and allow swift purchase of the 1m2 plots.

What we do.

We relished the challenge of such a unique proposition, so determined early in the project to create a unique personality to echo the spirit of the region and stand out within the sphere of ecological charities and foundations. Thus ‘Espírito da Amazônia’ became the motto for this startling and fun brand, using a typeface base on handmade street signs in Brazil and a wide and vibrant colour palette. The entire brand needed to feel alive and the creatures of the region needed a voice. So, we
used a hand-made screen print style to represent them and speech bubbles for key messages and personality.

The website is a critical logistical hub to allow swift and easy purchase of rainforest plots. At the core is an e-commerce site where not only can you select the amounts of land to purchase, but also see exactly where those plots are located through integration with Google maps.

But, “How much rainforest do I need to purchase to offset my carbon footprint?” we hear you ask. Easy. There’s a ready-made carbon footprint calculator included too!