Mercury Distribution


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The brief.

Mercury Distribution’s ongoing expansion into offerings beyond supplies and distribution meant that it’s existing group website wasn’t adequately reflecting these changes. A central hub was required to quickly and easily steer B2B and B2C customers to relevant services and associated websites whilst cross-referencing and up-selling the group’s extensive services. In other words, the brief was to ‘simplify the complex’.

What we did.

To provide a clear route to a simple solution, we worked closely with the client on establishing a new strapline and end-user goals before planning the website. Once these were established, the decision was taken to break the company’s offerings down to the three main categories, all of which are available from the homepage via an expanding icon-based menu system to allow users access to their required information with one click. This was the key mechanism to successfully fulfil the requirements of the brief.

Careful wireframing prioritised the information and streamlined the user journey to each department. Information and products are logically presented within their sections and always cross-referenced and linked to any relevant services.