Variety’s ‘Young Star of the Year’ 2018 Announced

Variety’s Young Star of the Year Winner was announced in a poignant ceremony on Sunday 4th March. Twenty deserving youngsters were recognised for their commendable achievements and eleven-year-old Milo Baudains was crowned Variety’s Young Star of the Year 2018.

This year’s nominations were vast, with touching and triumphant stories from Jersey’s young community. The Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel hosted the extraordinary ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ themed event and local journalist Kevin Pamplin gave up his time to act as MC for the special ceremony.

The Awards acknowledged outstanding examples of courage, creativity, skill and selflessness. The ceremony was honoured by the attendance of its patrons Lieutenant-Governor, Air Chief Marshall Sir Stephen Dalton, and Lady Dalton.

After winning the ‘Young Star as Carer’ category, Milo Baudains was crowned the overall winner and credited for the wonderful care and support he gives his Mum, who is paraplegic. Milo’s mum broke her back in a horse riding accident in 1995 and she has been confined to a wheelchair since. Milo is described by his mum as ‘very sensible and caring for his age’ and each day, without thinking, helps her in any way he can. He gave up playing with his friends and going to Christmas parties two years ago after his mother also broke her hip, instead he stays at home to look after her and keep her company.

Milo is physically not very big and yet he finds the physical strength to hold his Mum and the wheelchair if she needs assistance. The Awards judges heard how on one occasion, when his mum fell from the car, he stopped her from hitting the floor whilst phoning his Dad for help.

Milo’s mum describes her son as ‘fun-loving’ and she believes that he really deserves recognition for all the help he gives under difficult circumstances and also for the day to day assistance he gives without a thought for himself.

The judging panel, who this year consisted of Lady Dalton, Charlie McArdle from the BBC and Malcolm Lewis, Chairman of Longueville Manor, said that ‘he truly deserved to be this year’s winner as he is a little boy who is so devoted to his Mum and really is a Young Star.’

Alongside Milo, many other young Islanders were recognised at the event in categories such as ‘Young Star of Courage Age 6-10’, ‘Community’, ‘Sports’ and ‘Arts and Academia’. Winners of each category were awarded £500 worth of CI Co-operative vouchers, while finalists were awarded £100 worth of vouchers.

Sandra Auckland, Chief Barker and Chairman for this event for Variety–The Children’s Charity of Jersey, says:

‘Every year I am more and more amazed by the young stars of Jersey. The nominations are always so poignant and inspirational. This year, every finalist has demonstrated strength, hard work and dedication that is well beyond their years. This event is so important, not only to recognise their past achievements, but also to encourage their future aspirations. An event like this wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors. We are so grateful for their contributions, especially the Channel Islands Co-operative Society. I am also thankful to our judges, it’s always a difficult job because each story is so unique and heartfelt. As with every year, we encourage all the schools, clubs and associations to participate as I know there are still so many unsung heroes out there.’

Full List of Winners and Finalists:

Winner: Milo Baudains (11) – also Young Star as Carer

Young Star of Courage Age 6-10:
Winner: Kevin Teles (10)
Finalists: Lucy McKay (6), Daniel Canham (8), Eliana Lazzarin (10)

Young Star of Courage Age 11-16:
Winner: Charlotte Fernandes (11)
Finalists: Joanna de Oliveira (11), Holly Noel (16) and Mafalda Oliveira (14)

Young Star of Community:
Joint Winners: Nicole (12) and Scarlett Camacho (10)
Finalists: Harry de Gruchy-Wilson (6), Jayden Corley (13), Lexi Farrell (7), William Highfield (7)

Young Star as Carer:
Winner: Milo Baudains (11)
Finalists: Mimi Eloise-Galvin (15) Owen Ballantyne (7)

Young Star of Sports
Winner: Grace Greenwood (13)

Young Star of the Arts
Winner: India Henstridge (13)

Young Star of Academia
Winner: Tiago Alves (15)