Over the past few years, the Relais & Châteaux hotel Longueville Manor has noticed an increase in guests who are taking a break due to stress or who are searching for a wellbeing escape. Responding to this demand, the hotel has launched a unique package and treatment, in collaboration with world-renowned skincare specialists de Mamiel, to help remedy modern day stress that impacts on mental health and sleep deprivation.


A 2018 Forth survey* found that 85% of British adults are now experiencing stress regularly and 54% of these people are worried about the impact it is having on their health. One of the major stress causing factors is not getting enough sleep. Modern day poor sleep routines are proven to be influenced by watching television (38%), checking emails (14%) or using laptops/tablets (12%) in bed. All of these electrical devices emit bright light which can disrupt the production of the body’s natural sleep hormones (The Sleep Council, Great British Bedtime Report**).


The ‘All Things Sleep’ package is designed to encourage guests to take a break from everyday life, leave their stress behind and give them a chance to recharge their batteries and catch up on sleep.


The package includes:


• 3 nights bed and breakfast at the AA 5 Red Star Manor
• A de Mamiel ‘Rest Easy’ treatment per person in the Cottage Garden boutique spa
• A de Mamiel sleep oil blend per person
• Many more special touches designed to make the customer’s stay restful and rejuvenating


The de Mamiel Rest Easy treatment, which is exclusive to Longueville Manor in Jersey, consists of a 15-minute consultation to understand a customer’s specifc needs and a blissful, hour-long combination treatment. The treatment includes a whole body experience, designed to create a space for the client to unwind and either drift off into an easy sleep or continue through the day with an increased sense of focus. A Sleep Oil formulated to target particular sleep concerns is selected before moving on to breathing techniques, meditation and a tension relieving back-massage. Restorative cleansing balm is applied to the face, neck and décolleté to deeply cleanse the skin. A specialised massage focuses on relieving tension, increasing circulation and lymph drainage and a hydrating facial mask locks in moisture and soothes the skin.


The founder of de Mamiel, Année de Mamiel, is a leading authority on high-performance natural skincare and the effects of stress on the skin. Année says, ‘In developing the botaniques Sleep Series, I have looked at the causes of what keeps us awake and how holding that stress in our bodies prevents quality sleep. A lack of quality sleep is one of the biggest contributors to daily stress. Creating a product that makes you sleepy wasn’t enough; my intention has always been to create a product that supports quality sleep by addressing the root cause and not the symptom.


‘The Rest Easy treatment begins the process of releasing the tension of the journey and easing us into a goods night sleep. I love working with Longueville to develop these bespoke treatments, they were our first spa partner and care deeply about providing only the best, most effective treatments to their guests.’


Longueville Manor’s Spa Manager Clair Howell, who has over 20 years’ experience as a therapist and beauty therapy lecturer, has been trained by de Mamiel in this bespoke treatment. She says: ‘It’s a truly revolutionary treatment. It honestly feels like you’re healing people. We drive out the stresses that can come from day to day life or perhaps trauma, grief or sleep disorders. The skin responds immediately to the products due to their potency – they are made with love and it shows.’


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