Longueville Manor has once again joined forces with The Fresh Fish Company to highlight World Oceans Day on Friday 8th June through a pop up event by the sea.

The local businesses will combine at The Fresh Fish Company harbour side shop to highlight the plight of the oceans campaign to the public through tastings, education and talks. The AA 5 Red Star Longueville Manor is also supporting the initiative throughout the week by offering a special ‘Ocean’s Menu’, which is available until the 9th June, championing sustainable seafood.

Relais & Châteaux are supporting World Oceans Day on an international scale. Their mission is to raise awareness of the real danger facing oceanic biodiversity. The principle causes are overfishing and the use of destructive fishing techniques such as deep sea bottom trawling and illegal poaching. This has resulted in 58% of the planet’s seafood stock having been fully fished and a further 31% continuing to be overfished.*

The destruction caused by industrial fishing is also leading to employment problems for artisanal fisherman, which is why the partnership with The Fresh Fish Company on 8th June is so important. Between 11am and 1pm members of the public will get the chance to talk to Longueville Manor’s Executive Head Chef Andrew Baird as well as to local companies such as Jersey Oyster and local fishermen to understand their local practices and the challenges they face in Channel Island waters.

Longueville Manor already uphold three pledges as part of their support for the campaign; to promote artisanal fishing, to contribute to local development by giving priority to local sources, and to select species when in season.

Andrew Baird, Executive Chef, Longueville Manor, says:

‘To contribute to a better world through food and hospitality is to make a firm commitment in terms of fish species protection. As an Island surrounded by precious fish varieties it is especially pertinent, as if we don’t make changes now our fish will no longer be there for other generations to enjoy. It is vital that we continue to get this message out to our local hospitality industry and that everyone does their bit. All the companies involved in our pop-up for World Oceans Day on 8th June are committed to helping the public understand the importance of supporting responsible fishery methods and battle species endangerment.

We look forward to a fun day down at the The Fresh Fish Company Fish Stall on 8th June. Collaborating with local businesses like this is a great way to spread the important campaign message.’

Source: Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations, 2016